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The 4 Major Reasons Sales Managers Fail

  You might be a horrible leader, but if you stay in sales long enough, you will be promoted to management. However, your… 0

Why Having a Unique Value Proposition Is Overrated (& What to Focus on Instead)

  Marketing experts always talk about how we must have a unique value proposition or a unique selling proposition. They believe this helps… 0

7 of the Best Email Subject Lines We've Seen

  When was the last time you walked down the breakfast aisle? The children’s cereal is always brightly packaged, with fun imagery and… 0

8 Simple Tricks to Re-Engage Existing Clients for More Business

  Remember that great client who bought your product six months ago? Or the customer who gave you tons of referrals last year?… 0

The 6 Key Elements of an Effective Sales Contest

  You can use a single question to determine how experienced a sales manager is. Ask them, “What has a bigger impact on… 0

5 Effective Customer Service Phrases Perfect for Sales Calls

  Sales and customer service reps face similar challenges. After all, the modern buyer is also the modern customer: Self-reliant, sophisticated, and eager… 0

How to Increase Email Open Rates Using Intrigue

  Standing out from the crowd is never easy, especially when you’re trying to differentiate your email from the tens or hundreds of… 0

5 Psychological Biases That Help Salespeople Gain More Ground During Negotiations

  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could press a button to make prospects more generous during your negotiations? Rather than fighting for… 0

9 Secrets of Prospecting Emails That Convert to Real Business

  Prospecting by email can be challenging — and unrewarding. After sending thousands of emails and receiving only a handful of responses, many… 0

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